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What is the principle of ultrasonic knife wrinkle removal? What are the advantages and disadvantages of other anti-aging surgery and ultrasonic knife PK?

Although the name of ultrasonic knife has a word “knife”, it is actually an ultrasonic instrument. When talking about tooth washing before, I talked about ultrasonic tooth washing machine, which uses the energy of high-frequency sound wave to shake the tartar loose and fall off. In other words, sound waves have energy. The simpler phenomenon around them is that when an earthquake occurs somewhere (seismic wave is a kind of sound wave), it produces great destructive force, houses collapse and cracks appear in the earth. This is the power of high-energy sound waves.

The principle of ultrasonic scalpel is to focus high-energy ultrasound, bypass the epidermis, reach the depth of 1.5-4.5mm of the skin, and heat the collagen and fascia layer of the true lining layer. When the temperature reaches 65-70 degrees, the properties of collagen change and begin to shrink. Therefore, it is obvious that you feel that the skin is tightened.

1) Focused high-energy ultrasound hits the fascia layer, and high temperature leads to thermal degeneration and contraction of fascia

2) Focused high-energy ultrasound hits the true lining layer, and high temperature leads to thermal denaturation and contraction of collagen and elastin

3) After the cell tissue of deep skin is damaged, the skin begins to repair itself, grow new collagen and fascia, and the skin becomes more compact

The “confession” of ultrasonic knife — my ability to make you 10 years younger

From shallow to deep, the facial structure is divided into epidermis, true lining, subcutaneous fat, superficial fascia, namely SMAS, muscle and bone. The traditional surgical skin pulling operation is suspended according to the SMAS system, so that the skin can be improved and tightened, and the treatment depth can be reached only by operation. Now, my non-invasive method can also be easily achieved, “by using the unique focusing ultrasonic system, the ultrasonic energy is focused on the deep layer of the skin, which can greatly improve the treatment depth and avoid scalding the epidermis.”

As the favorite of facial rejuvenation, it can pull skin, remove wrinkles, firm face and brighten and whiten skin with obvious effects!

Principle of anti-aging treatment with ultrasonic scalpel

Focused ultrasound technology is used to reach the SMAS layer of surgical skin pulling with non-surgical treatment, and ultrasound is used to heat the skin to make collagen proliferate, so as to achieve the amazing effect of tightening and lifting the skin.

PK results compared with other anti-aging surgery

  1. Surgical anti-aging

Advantages: skin pulling surgery is a method of cosmetic surgery to tighten the loose skin on the face or face and neck, and remove the excess skin, so as to flatten the wrinkles. The surgical incision is hidden without leaving scars. After operation, it not only makes people look new, but also young, with a large range and long maintenance time.

Disadvantages: long recovery period.

  1. Biological injection wrinkle removal and anti-aging

Advantages: biological injection wrinkle removal requires no operation, no pain, no side effects, quick effect, safety and reliability. At present, the products of injection wrinkle removal and anti-aging are mainly hyaluronic acid, wrinkle removal leptin, etc.

Disadvantages: it will be absorbed by the body, the maintenance time is short, and it needs to be injected again and again.

  1. Ulthera ultrasonic knife

Advantages: non surgical operation, safety, no recovery period, significant effect, natural and meticulous improvement, use ultrasonic energy to tighten loose and sagging skin, improve skin quality and reduce wrinkles.

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