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What is the principle of ultrasonic knife wrinkle removal? What are the advantages of ultrasonic knife?

Principle of ultrasonic scalpel: the new technology of high-tech non-invasive skin firming and wrinkle removal breaks through the tradition and produces nearly 10000 condensation points, which makes collagen and fiber mediastinum shrink immediately, stimulates a large number of regeneration and reorganization of collagen, constructs a brand-new collagen fiber network, and enhances the elasticity of the skin from the bottom layer of the skin. Thus, we can tighten the muscle tissue, synchronously proliferate collagen, lift the head lines, lift the eyelids, remove the eye tail lines, remove the legal lines, remove the double chin and neck lines, improve the skin quality and make the skin delicate and shiny.

Advantages and disadvantages of ultrasonic knife project


In the case of non-invasive, the ultrasonic heat can be directly transmitted to the true lining layer (SMAs layer) at the lower part of the subcutaneous fat layer, induce the regeneration of deep collagen, restore skin elasticity and improve wrinkles, and fundamentally solve the problem of skin aging. It is safe, non-invasive, painless and effective.

The disadvantage is that the price is on the high side.

However, the safety is guaranteed without risk.

It can be seen that the ultrasonic knife not only has no harm, but also has many advantages from the inside out:

  1. Immediate promotion of Comprehensive Department

The single point heating temperature can reach 68 ℃ – 72 ℃. The thermal energy stimulates the immediate contraction reaction of the SMAS fascia layer, restores the supporting force of the bottom layer of the skin, and immediately feels improved and firm.

  1. The skin is undamaged and does not need to be cooled

The energy is directly focused on the deep layer of the skin, and the epidermis is is not threatened by scald. With the “positioning index line” technology, accurately grasp the energy landing point, so that the treatment is safe and effective.

  1. Layered improvement and comprehensive improvement

According to the different relaxation degree of each part, three kinds of probes are used in combination to improve the skin quality in layers and improve the problems caused by aging and skin relaxation.

  1. One treatment for many years

One treatment can achieve the childlike effect of lifting, wrinkle removal, shaping and skin rejuvenation. With the continuous proliferation and reorganization of collagen, the skin elasticity and luster can be restored from inside to outside. The effect of facial contour shaping is comparable to that of surgical skin pulling, and the perfect effect can be maintained for 3-5 years.

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