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Will the depression of ultrasonic knife recover? What are the side effects of ultrasonic scalpel?

Anyone who has known the beauty seekers has heard of the ultrasonic knife. Because the energy temperature of the ultrasonic knife is very high, which can reach 75 degrees. At this temperature, it can promote the production of collagen. If the machine is unqualified, the doctor’s technique is not proficient, and the subcutaneous nutritional reserve is insufficient to bear the energy of the ultrasonic knife, not only blistering, but also more serious consequences may occur.

After the ultrasonic knife is finished, the skin really blisters. We must pay attention to nursing. If it doesn’t look serious, apply some anti-inflammatory drugs. If it’s very serious, we can only find a doctor. Therefore, beauty lovers must choose regular institutions and qualified operators to do ultrasonic knife.

ultrasound knife

The following kinds of people are not suitable for ultrasonic knife

  1. People with too thick subcutaneous fat have flabby skin in old age, and their facial support falls down like a landslide.
  2. Old people who are too old (more than 70), have serious loose skin and serious wrinkles. They need to reshape the bone support structure. The effect of ultrasonic knife is limited, and elegant aging is also an option.
  3. In addition, some people are not suitable: mothers to be, those whose surgical wounds are not healed, those who have injected Botox within a month, those who want to be 18 years younger once and have unrealistic illusions about the effect.

Possible risks of ultrasonic knife

Ultrasonic scalpels are not suitable for people with thin subcutaneous fat. In the process of ultrasonic scalpel, there will also be some adverse reactions, such as congestion, edema, erythema, pain and occasional nerve injury.

1: Skin depression and necrosis refer to necrosis when new skin cells proliferate. Chronic necrosis refers to facial collapse. When the power of ultrasonic knife is too high, the sebum of the customer’s epidermis is is burned, the sebum cannot be repaired, all atrophy and comprehensive collapse, resulting in great damage.

2: Nerve injury nerve injury of local tissue or cell injury of local tissue also comes from the process of electric shock. The depth and power are directly related to the bearing capacity of the skin itself.

3: Paralysis means that many micro essence elements under the skin are burned, and paralysis will occur when they are unconscious. These are some problems in the process of operation, not entirely the problem of operation, and paralysis is not the problem of operation.

4: Inflammation must be transmitted from the epidermis to the subcutaneous. If the skin surface is damaged, its inflammation will directly enter the subcutaneous from the skin surface, resulting in inflammation.

5: Spots, because once the epidermal nutrient source is cut off, when the skin nutrient transmission is uneven, the vertical is cut off, and the horizontal supply is not available, the skin color will be darker. When the whole blood circulation is lost, the skin will be darker if it is necrotic. Therefore, the appearance of spots is very normal. If there is scald, there will also be spots, Improper operation when focusing the ultrasonic knife will cause the skin surface to be scalded.

6: After repeated high-temperature stimulation to the nerve part, the nerve will be burned directly. Nerve burn will lead to facial paralysis, and nerve necrosis will certainly lead to facial paralysis.

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